Tuesday, June 29, 2010

How to Let a Woman Know You Like Her

Need to know how to let a girl know you like her? Never try to approach the situation rationally or try to explain it to her – A great deal of men will sit down and jot down a whole speech virtually and run through it in order to say it perfectly. Then they connect with her and have this serious talk where they tell the woman just how they feel for her. In many cases the man will be so nervous the whole time that his romantic statement will only seem awkward or weird.

There are two good reasons why this is the reverse of what you should be doing.

The first downside to doing things this way is that you are getting at it from the state of mind that you must persuade her into liking you. This type of behavior is just one other way of trying to win her over and show her what an excellent man you are. You're still putting her up on a pedestal and that's just not appealing to girls.. It's okay to just like a woman without having to justify it.

Secondly, you're so trapped in your mind going through your speech that you're not honestly there with the woman. You're lost in your own thoughts, which really is not attractive to girls at all. Do the opposite of this and actually be there fully with her.

You are probably thinking this is all hippy-dippy junk, but you'd be amazed at how very true this is. You can start practicing this by focusing on your body. Can you feel how your feet are resting on the floor or how the shirt you're wearing feels against your skin? Or what about that soothing feeling in your chest when you see the woman? I hope you can start to understand why this is so vital when you're talking to women?

I hope you are starting to understand this.

So, that is what you aren't supposed to do, but what can you do to let her know that you don't just want to be friends? Here is how to let a girl know you like her the right way.

An SOI is a term that is short for Statement of Intent. This term is employed by Pickup Artists (PUA's). The term was coined by Wayne Elise (otherwise known as "Juggler") and is really just a straightforward way to let a girl know that you think she is sexy. A rudimentary SOI should go like this:

Her: I have another two hour rehearsal tonight for my major dance performance on Friday.

You: I really think it's sexy how committed and passionate you are about your performance.

By telling her that she is "sexy" you are giving a quite strong but sophisticated message to her that you do not just want to simply be friends with her. It is a very fine item, but this lets the girl know that she can move forward and start hitting on you. Basically do this casualy and do not try to make it into some sort of major thing. The point here is to be sophisticated. Don't worry, she won't miss it.

There is one other way to let a girl know that you like her, which is to just be straightforward and frank about it.

For instance, maybe you could be spending time with her and one of those quiet moments descends on the both of you. You need to do what a man does at this point and simply take her and say something such as "I really want to kiss you right now." You will need to follow this up by kissing her. Not a peck on the cheek, but a genuine kiss. This takes a certain amount of courage, but girls really like it if you do this.

The essential difference between this and the awkward, worried strategy above, is that, to begin with, it is not some sort of rehearsed plan that you just sort of fumble through. And secondly, this is a rather manly move to make. You're really telling her you want to kiss her, not "sort of kind of" asking her if she would like to watch a movie. You are fully secure with your desires. This sort of action also shows her you have lots of follow through and you pursue your goals. Girls really think this is attractive.

So, that is how to let a girl know you like her. The essential component here is to make certain it is relaxed and never some type of problem. When you just act like it is the most normal and natural thing there is, she will treat it so and follow suit.

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